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Introducing True to Nature Earring Collection

I had this idea that I would start a earring collection of the highest stone quality and name each piece after someone I honor in my life. My reality came true when I took a trip to the city recently and bought a ton of turquoise and howlite beads from Nevada and Amazonite beads from Peru. I also bought some sterling silver findings to complete my earring designs.

The "Lisa" earrings.

The “Lisa” earrings.

The first design I made was a pair of  Turquoise and Sterling Silver Wire Wrapped Earrings named “Lisa.” I named them after my mom who adores turquoise more than any woman I know. She gave me a ton of turquoise rings and Indian inspired earrings when I was younger. My mom and dad were always giving me new jewelry to wear. My dad was in the jewelry business for a while and we use to put together earring sets at the dinner table. Then I would get to pick out my favorite designs and all my friends would be in awe over my earrings since they had never seen anything that unique. From as far as I can remember, I have had an eye for the unique, and out-of-the-ordinary was beautiful to me.

I bead and make earrings, necklaces and bracelets daily and you can always catch a new design on my Etsy web site. If there is anything you like or have a special idea of your own and want me to make it, I can do that too. Just contact me on Etsy or send me a message on Facebook. My eyes are open to the world! I will keep you updated on my shopping excursions and maybe one day we’ll take a trip together! Check my Meetup group for trips to the city!

Making jewelry with my furry design assistant, Cosmo.

Making jewelry with my furry design assistant, Cosmo.



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Beyond the Moment


Life can be beautiful one moment, then dreadful the next! How do we deal with these ups and downs? Through a stillness that each one of us has that we can retreat to at anytime.

Listening to meditation music, creating art or calling a friend are all helpful. Be aware of your soul and you will find happiness in the darkest depths. And if that voice is telling you otherwise and you feel there is no hope, distract yourself with other activities.

Try making something; a new recipe, a craft, fix something that is broken. Seeing your work come to fruition will create a rush of happiness. If you feel like you can’t get out of a rut, make a promise to yourself that you will only focus on having fun and being lighthearted with the people around you.

It’s amazing how socializing will up our happiness factor. My new favorite space is They have groups for all interests from food, crafts, spiritual practices and outdoor activities. The best part is meeting people like you!

We are all facing life challenges that can take a toll on our emotional well being. Just know that humans are capable of handling ups and downs through our resilient soul. I’ve also learned that happiness has a way of finding us unexpectedly.

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Living Soulfully

In our busy society sometimes we forget to take care of our emotional well-being. It’s easy to disconnect from what our soul needs when we are surrounded by technology and consumerism. We all have the power to live peacefully. It just takes a commitment to self-care and setting boundaries.

Creating boundaries is really an act of kindness to yourself. Everyone deserves their own boundaries. When a situation arises that gives you anxiety, it is a sign to avoid it. If another person is expecting something from you and it impedes on your boundaries, let the person know in a kind way. This will put the power back in your hands and it will take some of the stress away if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Self-care is always at the top of my list whenever we are going through change. Self-care is being kind to yourself in an emotional way. It’s doing things that make you happy. That could be throwing yourself into an art project, indulging in a beauty treatment, committing to weekly fitness activities or surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Self-care will balance your spirits while facing challenges on your path to inner peace.


Once you adopt these new coping skills into your life they will become second nature to you. You may want to join a meditation or yoga group to expand your consciousness toward new possibilities of self-growth. This will add to your experience of finding your truth. Namaste.

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Outsmarting Emotional Eating

Let’s be honest with ourselves about emotional eating. Many have struggled with it, few are strong enough to fight it. It’s no ones fault. We were raised in a society that replaces feelings with food. In America, we live to eat as opposed to other countries that eat to live. This comes from being a child. Our parents would reward us with ice cream, a chocolate bar or cake. As an adult this becomes a problem when our metabolism has slowed down, or we are taking certain medications that affect our weight. We win the battle when we become aware of the feeling behind our cravings for foods.


Take a cupcake for example. When we crave cake it is usually a need to feel loved. We are given it every year for our birthday and we look forward to that same feeling year after year. So now you’re aware of the feeling behind that craving for a cupcake, next time it hits you will be prepared. First sit with the feeling, acknowledge it and say, “I hear you and I’m not going to give in.” Be strong and let it pass. It always does. You can do this with any food and as it becomes a habit, you will learn to control your cravings and outsmart emotional eating.

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Self Care and the Holidays

Taking care of ourselves is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is especially important during the holidays when we can get off track. If we start to feel less motivated, we have to be mindful and talk ourselves into getting back on the path.

ImageWhether it’s practicing yoga, relaxing with a massage, acupuncture or doing a fun activity with friends, make time for it a couple times a week. This will help feel connected to the people around you, boost your happiness and lower your stress. That way you can be a better you and to the people around you. If you’ve been working on self-improvement, make a promise to carry these life-changing habits into the New Year!

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Meditation allows you to reach your highest self. To get in touch with your soul. Meditation clears your mind and allows you to reach your true potential and shows you your path. You can feel your soul awaken and hear it speak to itself. If you have a question about a situation that needs answered, awaken your soul through a meditation or yoga class.

ImageThis has happened to me many times. I have found my life’s path through meditation and I am living it right now. It is the only time I am more in tune with my body and my mind is calm. It’s an amazing power that lasts for a while even after class.

I follow The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success along with meditation. It gives a deeper understanding of how to access our spiritual power each day. One example is The Law of Intention and Desire; set an intention, meditate on it and say, “Today I welcome abundance.” Keep the thought in the back of your mind and see how the idea presents itself to you one day.

Join us on Facebook where we cover the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and other ideas on spiritual awakenings. Our line of spiritual jewelry can be worn to help awaken your soul.

A Personal Journey

Yoga is a journey of the mind, body and soul. It is a practice that is deeper than stretches and poses. It teaches you how to overcome challenges. It also does wonders for the body. After the first hot yoga class you will feel a difference in your digestion and sleep patterns. Certain poses stimulate the digestive tract and melatonin in the brain for sleep. The second class you will go deeper into stretches and you will be proud of yourself for reaching such great heights. The heated room warms up your muscles so they will be more flexible for each pose.

ImageIt’s amazing what you can do when you have a great teacher. She will help modify certain poses for beginners. It’s all about one’s own personal journey so take your time getting use to each pose. There’s more challenging poses down the road. Someone might want to take aerial yoga once they build upper body strength. I think it would actually be easier to do since you have gravity holding you up, rather than holding you down on the floor. So if you’re good at doing at yoga on the floor you will rock at antigravity yoga.

One of my favorite parts about yoga is the meditation practice. By the time class is almost done, the instructor does a 10 minute meditation. You’re already in tune with your body so it makes it much easier to relax and clear your mind. Meditation helps set your stress level at zero so you’re ready to catch anything that life throws your way. Yoga is a journey and a practice. It is a complete wellness lifestyle for the mind, body and soul. Namaste

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